Solution Description

Face recognition technology has made breakthroughs, which provides a new way of thinking for precise control and prevention of urban key personnel. Based on face recognition, big data, cloud computing, information security and other core technologies, Pensees has launched an intelligent police portrait big data solution, and it is committed to building a three-dimensional urban portrait prevention and control system.

Solution Highlights

Strong adaptability
under complex scenes
Efficient processing
of massive data
Abundant portrait
Multiple protection for
information security

Solution Value

Strong adaptability under complex scenes
Pensees boasts the world-leading unconstrained face recognition algorithm. Its core algorithm team won 2017-2018 NIST Unconstrained face Recognition Competition Champion and presented excellent identification performance under complex scenes.
Efficient processing of massive data
The self-developed and distributed storage system combines data storage and anylysis and mining systematically. It provides multidimensional data analysis including portrait cluster, structural index, relationship mining and process tens of billions of data within seconds, improves the data processing efficiency of the system.
Abundant portrait techniques
According to the police practical demand, the solution combines technologies including face recognition, big data, cloud computing with researches theories including police practical experience, criminal psychology, and criminal behavior. It provides abundant portrait techniques to support the full range police work including prior warning, process control deployment and later investigation.
Multilayer protection for information security
The solution adopts a multilayer protection measures including police PKI digital certification, portrait data desensitization, watermark encryption, access control, WEB safety protection, system log management. The solution eliminates system information leakage from the origin.