Pensees Video Analysis System

Pensees video analysis system is centered on the view analysis and view library as the core. It’s a system for video image processing, technology application and integrated management. It improves the comprehensive application management level of intelligent cities and optimize the allocation of information resources.

  • Video Information

    Access of video monitoring information of all kinds of camera.
  • Vehicle Information

    Access of various vehicle data, the ability of secondary identification and processing.
  • Portrait Information

    Access of face and body data, the ability of secondary recognition and processing.
  • Structured Information

    Access of WiFi, GPS and other structured information, assist correlation collision analysis of portrait and vehicle.

Pensees Portrait Big Data System

Based on the international leading portrait recognition algorithm, it integrates massive data resources of human portraits, and builds the urban portrait digital archives system through key technologies such as deep learning, cloud computing, big data analysis. It comprehensively enhance the city's public safety service capabilities.

  • Strong adaptability in complex scenes

    World's top unconstrained FR algorithm. Championship of NIST unconstrained FR challenge in 2017-2018.
  • High efficiency of massive data processing

    The self-developed distributed storage system combines data storage and analysis mining organically, improve the data processing efficiency of the system.
  • Various portrait techniques

    Support the whole process of police work, including pre-warning, in-process control and post investigation.
  • Multiple guarantee of information security

    Police PKI digital authentication, portrait data desensitization, watermark encryption, access control, web security protection, system log management.

Intelligent Residential Community System

Regards "One File for One Person, One File for One vehicle and One File for One Family" as its business baseline. The system use FR, data mining and other technologies to detect abnormal events timely to achieve a humanized, grid and intelligent management, improve community residents' safety and comfort.

  • Multidimensional data fusion

    Multi-dimensional perception data fusion and comprehensive analysi, build a multi-dimensional community prevention and control system.
  • Overview of community resources

    3D model to realize multi-layer display of all kinds of IoT perception devices connected to the community.
  • Dynamic file management

    Integrate static and activity information, realize the community dynamic file management.
  • Prior risk perception

    Find the potential risks in time, such as wandering, missing personnel and abnormal hydropower and coal.

Intelligent Access System

Solves the problems of safe access and personnel management and intelligent office in urban buildings, Strengthen the overall security and prevention capabilities in offices, parks, factories and schools.Enjoy the efficiency, convenience and humanization of intelligent access anytime and anywhere.

  • Accurate data acquisition

    Accurately grasp the identity information of the in and out personnel.
  • Fix the management loopholes

    Put an end to allograph, avoid complex processes, and improve the work efficiency.
  • Eliminate potential safety hazards

    Real-time pre-warning of abnormal personnel and incidents to ensure the safety of tenants.
  • Enhance the access experience

    Barrier free access, VIP friendly reminder, practical consideration of peer feelings.