Intelligent Access Products

Pensees intelligent access product is a series of self-developed hard-wares equipped with the world's leading computer vision algorithm, which can realize fast and convenient face recognition, and it has powerful functions such as attendance checking, visitors and guests greeting to help government agencies, office buildings, community parks, companies factories, campus hospitals and other scenes with intelligent access.

Intelligent face recognition integrated access control machine
Intelligent desktop comparison terminal
Gate mate
Intelligent vertical multi-function integrated machine

Intelligent Camera Products

Pensees intelligent camera products consists of a full range of intelligent sensing hardwares developed by itself. All the products are equipped with its own global leading computer vision algorithm. It supports full frame, full frame rate dynamic face detection, tracking, snapshot, and it is configured with 4G wireless transmission. It can be applied to scenes with dense population flow such as channels, entrances and exits.

Structural Feature Extraction Camera for All Targets
Face & Body Capture Camera
Anti-Backlight Face & Body Capture Camera
Mini Face Capture Gun Camera

Edge Computing Products

Pensees edge computing products are based on an AI intelligent computing platform with super large computing power. It has built-in deep learning face algorithm with IPC or face snapshot machine. The products support face detection, tracking, snapshot, comparison. It realizes the function of banning access to people on the black-list and authorizing access to people on the white-list. With a compact size, it can be flexibly applied for multiple scenarios.
Analysis Unit for All Attributes and Behaviours
Smart Object Analysis Unit
Intelligent Portable Portrait Control System