AIoT Products System

As a rare company with AI+IoT+SaaS full stack capability at the same time, Pensees, based on its leading self-developed algorithm, front-end intelligent product capabilities and software research and development capabilities, has built a AIoT whole-chain product system with PES-Cloud, including a complete edge-device product matrix of AI application, and standardized PaaS+SaaS services for specific scenarios for various industries.

AIoT Intelligent Hardware
AIoT Software Platform

AIoT Intelligent Hardware

With the industry-leading and self-developed hardware capability, a complete edge intelligent hardware products matrix in the AI scenario is established, and the products are connected with each other; the self-controlled supply chain grantees rapid products iteration, quickly meeting the market demand.

AIoT Software Platform

Build software platforms such as video analysis, big data, intelligent community, intelligent traffic and so on, and provide SaaS services for various industries. With software and hardware solutions combination, Pensees can achieve a complete and closed value loop for customers.

Video Analysis System
Image Big Data System
Intelligent Community System
Intelligent Access System