Company Profile

As a global cutting-edge AIoT ecosystem platform company, Pensees has been driving the evolution of sophisticated AI technologies to move towards inclusive and intelligent services with the mission of “AI as a Service”.
Based on its world's leading full-scenario intelligent view brain system, Pensees boasts full-stack computer vision technologies, and continues to lead marginal innovation. The Pensees AI Research Institute team has won international AI competition champion 15 times since its establishment so far.
With a closed-loop business model including AI, IoT, SaaS, Pensees provides intelligent IoT hard-wares, cloud services and AIoT-based solutions for various market segments to enable smart cities, smart houses and smart businesses and other fields, promoting the landing of AI application.
Headquartered in Beijing, Pensees has set up two AI Research institutes in Beijing and Singapore respectively and built several products R&D services centers in Wuxi, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Nantong, Xi'an etc. Currently, Pensees has clients across over 50 cities in China with over 100,000 front-end AIoT devices running stably.
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Core Team

Ma YuanFounder & CEO
Mr. Ma Yuan is a leading figure in industrializing AI and the chief designer of Pensees AIOT ecosystem platform. He once worked with the VIOT Intelligent Vision Laboratory of the Internet of Things Research and Development Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, being China’s first researcher to study the combination of visual IoT technology and smart city scenarios. He served as the head of smart security division of MEGVII, defining the first-generation standard of products and development in the smart security industry. He undertook the provincial R&D project included in the 2013 Jiangsu Provincial Technology Support Plan, winning the final award of Barcelona Global Smart City Expo. He has led the R&D of China’s first dynamic face recognition system incorporated into the National Promotion Program of Technological Achievements launched by the Ministry of Public Security, driving the first step in making the security industry smart.
Jane ShenChief Scientist
Ms. Shen is a well-known Chinese female scientist and internationally famed scholar in computer vision and deep learning. She once worked as the Deputy Director of Panasonic Research Lab in Singapore; obtained over 30 championships in international AI competitions; and won over 300 patents. She boasts the research and engineering experience of full stack algorithm in Computer Vision, covering AI-based Intelligent Sensing, Visual Perception and View Processing, as well as Visual Navigation & Control, Augmented Reality, Voiceprint Recognition and Robot. She was rewarded with the Panasonic Special Award for Outstanding Technology and Leading Figures; Entitled as CAAI outstanding scientific and technical worker and SIngapore 100 Women In Tech; acted as the chief editor of the ISO and IEC standards; and led the formulation of multiple international standards for audio and video.
Wang WeiCTO
Mr. Wang Wei is an international system architect of intelligent computing and big data. As a member of the Fujitsu Club of Technology Specialists, he has 18-year experience in Fujitsu’s offshore software development and managing a team of hundreds of software developers. He participated in the development of Linux kernel, the R&D of basic operating systems for key business servers, the development and maintenance of core functions of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Center, and the R&D of supercomputer “K” system and of integrated servers for storage and analysis of big data. He boasts a wealth of experience in the development of big data and AI platforms in the fields of government affairs, intelligent transportation, and electric power. He had taken charge of smart city projects of Nanjing Information Center and Suqian City as well as Nanjing’s smart portal “My Nanjing” App.


Mission & Vision

Pensees Milestones

  • Sept. 2018
    Pensees was established.
    Sept. 2018
    Completed RMB10 million-level angel round of financing led by Aplus Fund.
  • Nov. 2018
    Three R&D centers were established: AI, IoT, Software
  • Jan. 2019
    Completed the Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions RMB led by IDG Capital.
  • Mar. 2019
    Set up Pensees Singapore Research Institute.
  • Apr. 2019
    Completed the RMB150 million A round of financing jointly invested by 360, Foxconn and other industrial investors.
  • Jun. 2019
    Launched PES-Brain.
  • Oct. 2019
    Introduced a full series of edge intelligent products matrix.
  • Dec. 2019
    Over 100,000 devices running stably online with clients over 50 cities.
  • Apr. 2020
    PES-Cloud, a full-stack AIoT capability platform was open to the public.